Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daughters, Dogs and other Ramblings

Received a sweet little text tonight from my darling daughter saying
she's glad I'm back blogging. 
In the age of Face book being so important in people lives, I'm so happy she takes the time to check in at her Mumma's "OLD" blog.
Mmm...she never comments though ;)

So of course after that, I had needed to put some darling photos up of her and her gorgeous Border Collie Stevie.

Despite 2012 being such a hard year for me this year I am endeavouring to move forward with my life. Last year my home suffered greatly & so I feel did many of my close friends & family as they supported me through what was such a difficult time in my life. 

I've always been a person who thrives in a neat and organized environment & after a year of merely just "EXISTING" in my home I think it is well in need of an overhaul. I'm bursting with excitement at some of the plans and changes I've got spinning around in my head. Just to wet my appetite a little in advance of things I have just come back from an afternoon of furniture shopping (Whoops)

Another exciting thing I plan to do is nurture and develop some new friendships I made in the past year. As you get older I found that you rarely make "new" friends and we all become creatures of habit as we tend to move around in the same circles. Have any of you found that true for you as well?
When my children were young I found I was constantly meeting new people in various ways- the school, sports and other community and social groups that I was involved with through my kids. 

With last year being what it was I felt I didn't embrace my new friends caring, kindness and friendship that they gifted upon me BUT this year I fully intend to return that favour x 10 :) 


Also, last year I joined a small community group in our little town that is full of like minded people. I must say I was most pleasantly surprised when I joined as in many ways I had struggled with some aspects of this town :0

You see it wasn't a place I would have ever personally have chosen to live in given, the choice that is but desperate times made for major adjustments to our life and the way we lived so when I moved here (many moons ago now) I never really expected to stay!! As a young widow at only 26  with 3 very, very young children I had to move where there was a decent job that would support us, then I met my partner and dare I say- I think it was all "written in the stars"

Anyway it was such a blessing to have found this small group that when I continually came home at night raving about it my partner decided to join, it's all the more lovelier as it something we share together now. Finding things to do as a couple becomes more and more important, I feel as the children grow up and fly the nest spreading and testing their independent wings.

I have a few new projects that my darling partner helped me start last year. His part in my journey by helping & supporting me (& selflessly putting his own feeling aside despite them being as deep as mine)was helping me find new hobbies to learn, explore & enjoy. 
I hope to be able to share a few of those in time here, at my blog. 

So, I hope you all will continue to join me in my journey throughout the year as I regain(hopefully) my strength after 2012 the year that was!! 
Thank you to those few kind bloggies that sent me awesome messages/emails & to my faithful followers.It was encouraging to see in my absence I didn't lose any of you and that I fact in gained some newbies :)

Enough rambling, hope you all have a lovely Sunday, cheerfully spending quality time with those that you hold dear.

Caroline xo



Tania said...

Your daughter is right, it is great to have you back blogging :)


Donna said...

Welcome Back Miz Caroline! You're daughter is lovely and have been Missed!!

Jackie said...

Caroline, it's great your back and your so positive. Ive heard so many people say, myself included that 2013 is going to be a good year and it is, Im really excited for this year. Love your daughters dog how cute. Take care

Jackie said...

Caroline, it's great your back and your so positive. Ive heard so many people say, myself included that 2013 is going to be a good year and it is, Im really excited for this year. Love your daughters dog how cute. Take care

Joolz said...

I am all buckled in for the ride ahead. Can't wait to see your decorating/re-arranging at home. I need to do another de-clutter January I think. Clean out cupboards/ drawers and toss out stuff not used in the past 12 months! Why do we accumulate so much stuff then not use it?

I am sure 2013 will be much better for you with a clear vision of what you want in your life.

Cheers - Joolz

Caroline said...

Thank you so much you dear sweet ladies. At this time I am going to try really hard to continue with my blogging.

Donna, Thank you I think my daughter is lovely & smart to but I am biased so nice to read you think so too! ;)

Thank you Tania & Jackie, yes Jackie I am trying to stay positive it helps with dealing with PTSD.

Yah! Joolz I'm going to buckle up for the ride too. Who knows why we accumulate so much, especially as most people in our lucky country have more than we NEED.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mummy moo ma! Your blog posts recently have hit the heart, and I'm glad to be able to catch up with all your doings :)


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