Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Joolz said...

It's quite amazing how home baked goods can make someone happy.

I sent 7 (only 7!) Weekender cookies (she wants to watch her figure) - plus 4 frozen Shepherds Pies to my Uni girl via my hubby this week. She was in raptures, texting me, sitting up in bed with a cookie and a glass of milk. Thought she had the crown jewells!
Made my heart feel good. :)


Caroline said...

So lovely you do that for Uni girl they sure do appreciate it. Maybe even more I think after they move out.
When my Soldier Boy lived on base I used to make him lots of frozen meals in single serves as he used to get sick of eating in the mess.

Mmmm now I just have to teach the Soldiers wife to cook :0


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