Friday, September 16, 2011

I LOve this girl

I Love this girl

Who is still only seventeen (So young)
Oh the joy of being seventeen again!!

Who is nearly, but not quite through the first year of a double degree.
A Bachelor of Nursing & just to put a bit more pressure on herself, a degree in
Paramedical Science. HEAVY!!

A girl that joked with her Mother, when asked of her marks?
(While we were washing up one day)

"I haven't even got a pass yet Mum"

And as I was about to go into PANIC!! mode
(Before I dropped the stack of clean dishes)

She turned around gave me a mischievous grin
and said....

"Well, Mum that's because I only get Distinctions, High Distinctions
& a few Credits"

Gosh I Love this Girl!!

Caroline xoxo

PS-Emerald's away doing her nursing placement atm, so I do hope she checks in & reads this.

PSS- The Universty system here in Queensland is (but not always) a - Fail, Pass, Credit, Distinction or a High Distinction.


Tania said...

Well done Emerald! And to you mum for raising such a special, talented young lady...

Lisha said...

Well done Emerald!!

Caroline, it's looks like you've been doing a fine job too!!


Kimmie said...

Gorgeous girl!

Joolz said...

Oh, that's great she is doing so well. Is she doing it externally or away at Uni? Bri is off next year to do nursing, hopefully too. They grow up so fast!

Good job, Mum!

christian soldier said...

reading your takes always puts my mind at ease- thank you-

you have a wonderful family-
continued blessings to you and yours--

Donna said...

She's Beautiful AND smart! What a combo!


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