Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For Today....

A lot of lazing & resting, tissues & more tissues along with a hefty dose of
painkillers waiting for this dreaded lurgy to pass.

Caroline xoxo


Tania said...

Oh no Caroline, not the dreaded lurgy. My son has been home from school since last Friday with it. He is on antibiotics now as he ended up with bronchitis, very's horrible bug, hope I dont catch it!

Do look after yourself and rest up.


Joolz said...

Touch wood (*taps her head)I haven't had even a sniffle this year. My Uni girl though is on her second bout of sore throat and cold and coughs. It makes it hard when they are so far away to help them get better. All I can offer as advice is to throat gargle, take Panadol, drink lots of water and keep warm. A hug would be better.

I hope your lurgy soon passes.



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