Sunday, December 5, 2010


Long time no blogging.....

We have been on holiday here-

We are back from our Lovely, Gorgeous holiday,
it really is so nice holidaying with good friends.

November was such a crazy month with everything happening
all at once, but we are back ready to get into the next crazy phrase
of Christmas(hopefully a quiet one)
We still have a birthday in the family to get to before we get to Christmas though.

Thanks Cathy for sending me the email with that info. I will catch up with
you soon.

I hope your weekend is a peaceful one in the midst of this busy busy
season. Don't forget to nurture yourself & breathe....

Caroline xoxoxo


Simcha said...

Oh that looks lovely, where did you go? Are you selling your house? My mother noticed a sign on your lawn she said.

Caroline said...

Yep! House is up for sale. I can't find your new email addy only got your old one. So can you send me an email?? I will fill you in on all the goss then.
Saw J#@* the other day & he said he didn't have a car, I said he could have one of our old ones thats just sitting there. I said he would have to ring 'S' to check it out but he hasn't rung so I don't know if he wants it or not??
Hope all is well, you still coming back to Australia??

Simcha said...

my old address isnt working

yes if i can get the funds

where are you moving to?


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