Friday, November 19, 2010

Harper Valley P.T.A. -Yippee School's Out

With Emerald having had her Valedictory ceremony last night I thought we would go out with a bang this morning with this song.

WHY?? because Emerald says the song reminds her of me, well what can I say!

That's a worry isn't it, Mmm! Em can we just settle for the "Same but Different"

I may have been just a little outspoken at SOME P&C meetings and have had to have the "Office Vultures" under control over MANY things & a lot of my friends & family know that when you have a child with a disability(my youngest) you have to stick up & fight for their rights every step of their school years (now that's a hard one that shouldn't have to be) but I've never had to complain over the things Jeannie C. Riley had to in this song. LOL!! Thank Goodness.

Of course, along with a lot of people think that Jeannie C. Riley is the only person that has ever been able to sing this song well. An oldie but a goodie!

Have a great weekend

Caroline xoxo


Joolz said...

Yep, I gave up P&F committees when my kids left primary school. I certainly served my time. Love the clip!


Tania said...

This is and always will be a great song that many mothers can relate to.

Good on you for fighting for what is right for your child, who else is going to stick up for them like you do? (it's a mothers instinct)


Donna said...

I remember listening to that song right after my son was born...40yrs ago!!
STILL Love it!!


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