Monday, December 13, 2010

Results are in

We have just got Emerald's results back from her Sleep Study.

It seems she has Severe Sleep Apnoea, so severe in fact that at times during the testing she stopped breathing in her sleep, at some stages up to 6 times in a 5min period as well as having 3 Hypoapnoea's (very shallow breaths)
More than 1 episode every minute. No wonder she is becoming such a tired/sick girl.

They are saying it is quite rare in a child this age , hence I suppose their reluctance to even give her a sleep study in the first place. I am so glad I kept pushing for this even though her other blood/urine tests were clear.

They say she is a most unusual case as-
She is only 17
She has always been medically healthy
Is very fit & athletic
Has a perfect weight/height ratio-BMI

So now we are off to see a round of specialists the first being tomorrow. Thank goodness they have fast tracked everything (owing to the severity of her apnoea) otherwise with Christmas only next week we wouldn't be able to see anyone till at least mid to late January. We are hoping for the best case scenario that an operation will fix it. We are all praying that she will not need to have a machine to sleep on at night, that would be such a terrible thing for a young girl to have to do specially at an age when they have so many sleep overs with friends and maybe in the not to distant future, a relationship. I was a little frustrated while seeing her GP as I would have liked to have seen the full results of her study. I was craning my neck to read his computer screen, but we were at just the wrong angle.LOL! I hope I can learn more about things tomorrow.

A note to all mothers out there, please believe in your own motherly intuition/instinct regarding your children even if you have to push your way there & never hesitate about getting a second opinion. If I hadn't have kept pushing we still wouldn't have any answers.

Wish us luck
Caroline xoxo


Lisha said...

I'm glad to hear you've made some progress. Fingers crossed there is a relatively quick solution that doesn't involve too much pain for Emerald. Good on you Caroline for taking care of your brood!!


Joolz said...

Good onya, Mum! I'm glad you've got the ball rolling. I think only a mother knows where her children are truly ill or not quite right. I'll be interested to see how things progress and what the outcome is. I think I may have something similar. I wake several times a night, I snore loudly and I wake with a dry throat and tongue, parched! What sort of operation would/could she have, I wonder?


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Not good but so glad some answers/results have shown up!
I know we had to get a C-pac I think it was called?? Machine for my Dad and it was costly and cumbersome.
There'd have to be some reason you'd hope that can be readily fixed.
My prayers are with you all and hope for a great outcome and answer to it all.

Linda said...

That is wonderful that you know what is going on. Good luck.

Simcha said...

Thank God Caroline that you insisted,I will be praying for you.

Donna said...

Hopefully it'll be an easy fix!
And those results technically Belong to you! Just tell him you want your Copy!
Hang in there Mamma!!


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