Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's all over....

Emerald has her very last full day at school today EVER!!

She still has to go for a few hours on a couple of days to complete block exams, but apart from that her Senior schooling is all finished. Done & dusted!!

That's two kids finished -one to go. Bit sad on one hand & incredibly exciting on the other. I'm sure there will be a few tears shed among all the girls today. Emerald has been School Sports Captain this year so she will be handing her role over to another.

Next Thursday will be her Valedictory Ceremony. I was a bit disappointed as on the invitation it stated only 2 guests per graduating student. I know her brother wanted to attend. Anyway, you were able to apply for extra tickets which I did. (wish us luck!!) I can understand why they would have to do that though with some families bringing 8-10 family members.

Then it will be off to a well earned beach holiday, Christmas & then another wait for the results of her university applications.

The Journey Continues.....



Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Have had a hard time catching up on blogs since we got home but here we are saying Hello and wondering how life is going for you.
Its good to know when children have successfully finished their schooling (as opposed to uni) days - as you say 'life now begins in arnest' What has she chosen to study?
Take care
ps has soldier boy been repatriated yet or are you not allowed to say?

Linda said...

Exciting times Caroline. I wish you all the best with it. My daughter I think is the same age as yours, she has another year to go.

Tania said...

Exciting times for you Caroline and your beautiful daughter Emerald.

Best wishes to you and your family,


Gill - That British Woman said...

I know how you feel. Excited for them that they have finished but sad as they will be going off on a new adventure.

One thing that struck me about her school uniform was how long her skirt was. In this day and age where the skirts tend to be short, short, short it was refreshing to see a skirt at a decent length.

Gill in Canada

Caroline said...

Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments.

Gill, I'm the other way around to you. Sad to see her finish school(which she loved so much & to leave some beautiful classmates) BUT excited for her future. The long skirt is her formal uniform they do have a shorter skirt. I'm with you I like the long skirt too.

Hi Cathy glad to have you back. More news on Soldier Boy coming!!

Tania, Hope you enjoyed your QLD holiday. Do we get to see piccies??

Linda, Yes I think our daughters are the same age. The most difficult but also the most lovely!!

Jackie said...

Congratulations to Emerald, it's such an exciting time in their lives. Wishing her all the best. I was sad when my DD decided to leave school I thought of all the things she was going to miss out on but it just wasnt for her. She did say to me she missed school (not the work side of it lol) but not enough to go back


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