Friday, November 12, 2010


And we are all VERY happy to have him home safe.
(Jumping over the moon in fact)
So now I hope I've finally got around to you all & everybody can stop texting, ringing
& emailing -asking when??
Don't get me wrong ...we love your care & concern.
We also love the fact he's always been every body's son
& always had so many "Mummy's looking out for him.
(Poor guy!! LOL)

I know alot of you are concerned for him at the moment,don't be he's a man now & can well, make his own choices-if you have any other views on that pleeesse take them up with him not me.....cause I get in trouble for it LOL!!

I've done my job, and I am so proud of him


On the other hand though, spent a delightful (read NOT!!) night in the Hospital Emergency Dept. after youngest son went to an Army Cadet camp and was injured. He's on the mend now but geez...hope he doesn't make a habit of visiting this place like his big bro did during his teenage years.

Love to you all & have a good weekend


PS- I am so behind with blogging. So many things to share before I go on hol's be back to show you Emerald's Formal photo's soon.


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Welcome home indeed - now we'll leave the boy in peace lol

Caroline said...

Ha ha!! Cathy never a moments piece where my kids are concerned. Gotta love t'em though. Peace lets leave his mother in peace LOL!
Have a great weekend Cathy.

Jan said...

Such wonderful news, and an answer to prayers.

Tania said...

Welcome home soldier boy, enjoy your time with him Caroline.


Donna said...

SO glad all is well now!!
HAPPY weekend to you All!

Lisha said...

Yay!! Welcome home Soldier Boy, we are grateful for all you do.

Caroline much happiness to you with your family tucked under your wings. Happy Weekend!!


Joolz said...

I'm so happy for you to have your boy/man home! It gave me a warm fuzzy!

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...

Wow, he has grown up. So amazing we made these people isn't it?

Caroline said...

Thanks Everbody, You're all so kind!!

DeniseinVA said...

It is wonderful that your son is home Caroline, a happy mom you must be to put it mildly. Over the moon more like. Sorry your other son had to visit the ER. I remember those days well.

Jackie said...

So glad your son is home Caroline, we are so proud of him and all the servicemen and woman that serve our wonderful country.


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