Monday, May 10, 2010


I am of my favourite things to do

What have you been up to??

With Love
Caroline xoxo......


MelMel said...

I've been mad busy, with work related stuff......but today I found time to do some sewing...xx

A Life Less Complicated said...

Thanks for your kind welcome :) I keep seeing that Eat,Pray, Love book at the library - maybe it's a sign I should actually read it! (I found your blog through Cluttercut btw)

Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

I've been quite busy too - just with life. Monday turns into Friday really quick of late. Hubby gets home late from work, we eat late then it's time for bed and that's how it goes.

I'm sorry I've had Oopsey for so long and haven't done any posts with her. Because my kids are older, they never really embraced the 'lets look after a Care Bear and do photo stories with her'. They think I'm loopy! I'll do a post and ask who would like to have her, unless you'd like her back first?

Hope things have been good for you in your neck of the woods,

Cheers - Joolz

Donna said...

Like you, reading...blogging...visiting with kiddos and in laws...
Happy night to you!!

Linda said...

I hope to do a bit of reading today.

Caroline said...

Kelly, It took me a bit to get into the eat,pray,love book but once I did it was elightning for me, guess I could see myself in parts but I think alot of women would.
Joolz, Yep I know the world just won't stop. Never mind about Oopsey. Maybe when you find time do a post & see if anyone wants her to visit their blog otherwise send her home. I'll leave it up to you, whatever decision you make is fine.
Hi Mel,Donna & Linda thanks for commenting, hope you all have a great day!!

Jan said...

Caroline, yes reading is still a favourite activity for many people, including me.... thoough I have been doing a few other things lately, including dancing and playing tennis, and a coach trip today.


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