Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Carlton Brewery Horses

When the Carlton Brewery was first founded in 1864 they used Clydesdale's to deliver their barrels of beer around Melbourne. This continued till just after the second World War. At their height Carlton had a stable of 200 horses.

Today Carlton still has a team of horses which they keep for marketing purposes. These days the horses (complete with the traditional carriage dog- a Dalmatian) travel Australia doing Agricultural Shows, Field days, marketing & publicity events.

Demonstration of heavy horses being ridden

What can you say 8 horses in hand scarifying this paddock

Working the land in the traditional way


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Finally had time to drop in and say hello - busy weeks have nothing on this one lol
I have always loved those fabulous horses - Clydesdales just look good, big yes, but then thats what they were and why they were used for all the heavy work. I could watch then for hours at the 'shows' They seem to ooze contentment and reliability.
Found your title Heavy Horse Day so relevant to your blog. Country like and something that can be counted on
Take care

Jan said...

What a privilege to see these Clydesdales, Caroline... I have always had a special place in my heart for them.
Wonderful photos.
We had one heavy horse for the plough when I was a child, before my father got a grey Ferguson tractor.
Have a great week.

Donna said...

Aren't they Gorgeous?!!!
Happy day Girl!!

Tania said...

I absolutely love these 'real' horses. Have been looking at getting one of these.

Have a great Sunday,



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