Saturday, May 8, 2010


On my last thrift shop jaunt with my lovely friend Carolyn I found this little bit of crocheted goodness. It wasn't an easy find, as with most good thrift shop finds it happened to be tucked under a rack of trench coats in a box labelled dog bedding!! I mean what is wrong with these people to put something like this in a box labelled "Dog bedding".

This clearly is a rug/blanket that has never been used in fact I would go so far as to say that it hadn't even been made up for long. The wool still smelt new and any of you good thrift shoppers must know how quickly things take on the smell of mustiness & mothballs, or as my kids describe it "Dead Grandpa's"

They started to say this many moons ago after we had to clean out my Grandpa's (their great grandpa) flat after he passed away. Oh what delights they had discovering that yes he really was young once and DID once lead an extraordinary life.

Anyway this lovely blanket has found a good home here & will be well used in the coming months as the weather starts to cool. (it's a GOOD single bed size even hangs over the edges a little)

I can't help but wonder what lovely dedicated hands took the time to crochet this and WHY was it sent to a thrift shop.


Is the lady still in this life, was it hard for her to knit - although I don't think so it looks so well done BUT were her hands crippled with arthritis & did she give it to someone as a gift who clearly doesn't appreciate homemade goodness.

I will never be able to answer these questions but what I can do is use & lovingly care for this beautiful blanket. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Caroline xoxo.......


Cathy said...

Hello Caroline
Great op shop find - its a lovely warm looking blanket and I was going to say it would be fabulous for a Richmond supporter until I noticed the white bands lol
Take care

Caroline said...

Hi Cathy
I know I was so excited when I found it. As a Queenslander I would have to say a Brisbane Bronco's supporter!! lol. Hope you have a great w/end.

Jan said...

Yes, something made with love that you appreciate, your thoughfulness and tenderness shines through..... reminds me of my daughter finding some beautiful doilies etc at the tip, someone probably just threw everything out when an old lady died.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lisha said...

What a great blanket, no doubt crocheted with love, neglected and now found love again.

Happy Weekend to you too!!


Caroline said...

Hi Jan & Lisha thanks for popping by. Doilies in the tip Mmmm just the era we are living in..DISPOSABLE. Glad they found a new home. Big fines if they find you rummaging in the tip here...people still do I found an old cream/milk can a while ago.
Redo,reuse,recycle I reckon.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is a super find, and it does look brand new.

Thanks for popping by, like you I am so busy I never get chance to pop by other people's blogs.

Good to hear from you,

Gill in Canada

Cassie said...

First off, welcome back to the blogusphere. Next, what a great find! My dogs both barked that they'd love such a blanket---as they dirty up MY bedspread!!

I actually donated a beautiful crocheted queen spread that my GrandmaMiller made to the VietNam Vets last year for their annual yard sale. (I have 4 more and thought it might fetch a good price for them.)I put a little card with it telling when it was made,where & by whom so the buyer could know a little history.)

It's still sold here in N.Idaho, so that makes it Caroline's Egg Pie weather. Yummers.

Cassie said...

ps-From now on I'm gonna refer to "that smell" as DeadGrandpas too. That just totally made me crack up...not to be disrespectful. Never knew either of my grandpas, but my husband is starting to fit into the old man mold so I don't need to imagine.Bwahahahahaha!!

Unknown said...

What a Great Find Indeed...Looks Gorgeous on the Bed.

Caroline said...

Cassie...."Dead Grandpa's" it was just one of those things - out of the mouths of babes. We don't think it in a disrespectful way either in fact now days it usually means Mums had a great op-shop find. Dogs on the bed I have one of those too I often actually wonder who's bed it is mine or theirs.

Gill thanks for stopping by, as I know you are so busy BUT I have really enjoyed hearing about the trials & tribulations of your move to the country.

Linda said...

The stitches look very neat. Congratulations on the cream can.

Decadent Housewife said...

Cool bed cover. Never know how those goodies get put out.


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