Friday, January 6, 2012

Mooloolaba Fish Market

On the New Years Day holiday we had on Monday we went over to The Mooloolaba Fish Market to get a last bit of holiday seafood. We LOVE this place for seafood, they have their own boats so it is fresh fresh fresh.
While over there picking up our seafood we got a serve of their calamari, they soak it in milk & garlic overnight & it really is the most tenderness, flavourful calamari I have ever had. Everything is really fresh, filleted in-house & the staff are SO helpful even when it is busy(& believe me it gets super busy at times)

So in-case your wondering if I've been paid or have received product for this good plug, I haven't (they don't even know I'm doing it) I simply like good service combined with good products something I think is sorely missing of late.

So if you live or are travelling/holidaying in the area try it, give it a go & let me know what you think?
This year I'm going to tell you a few more places I like to go.
Good service /product deserves a good word & is much nicer than complaining about the bad that seems to be so common now.

Where do you like to go/shop/eat??



Kimmie said...

Hi darl

Great post!

Adore seafood in this home :]

Look forward to hearing about more places that get the big thumbs up from you!


Donna said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever had Calamari...but I LOVE seafood of most any kind...
Happy weekend Caroline!

Jackie said...

I love this place and agree totally with what you are saying Caroline. I try to get there once a week, I just wished I lived a little bit closer to it. I just love it.

Jackie said...

Actually while we are talking about great service and Im kicking myself because I cant remember the girls name, but most of the staff are great. The staff from Bed Bath and Table at the Sunshine Plaza are wonderful, nothing is too hard for them. When Im in there next I will get the girls name and write to the Head Office because she deserves a thankyou.

Caroline said...

Jackie, I also like Bed Bath & Table at Sunny Plaza although I do try to stay away from the place $$
Good service deserves a mention.


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