Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Update- Emerald's Sleep Apnoea

For the ones that have asked of late-

It seems like we finally have a handle on Emerald's sleep apnoea & with many thanks to her fantastic surgeon the operations a success and she doesn't have to sleep on a CPAP machine. Thank goodness for that it would have been devastating at such an age.

Mind you she wasn't overly impressed with the ultra fashionably leg wear she had to wear her entire hospital stay!!

Of course waiting around hospitals is never easy

if you have to be in a hospital The Noosa Private Hospital was great.
Fantastic care & attention & the nursing staff were lovely & very attentive.

This was the lovely bush view from Emerald's hospital bed, such a lovely peaceful setting has just got to be an advantage with patients convalescing. There was always something new to see looking out the window. Plenty of birds flitting around along with lizards scurrying to & fro.
Must say very good for mothers sitting beside for MANY hours.

and so life continues....

Have a great weekend (flooding in our area again)
Caroline xo


Tania said...

Glad to hear you are having some progress with Emerald. Hospitals can be very boring places, but that does look like a great view...very peaceful :)

Lisha said...

That hospital view is wonderful!! It's a wonder she didn't want to stay there a bit longer...although there is no place like home.

Glad all is well with Emeralds surgery and the sleeping.

Hope you keep high and dry. It's been rather wet down here too!


Caroline said...

Thanks Tania.

Caroline said...

and Lisha. Yes I'm high & dry but after last year there's a few nervy people around(understandably)

Donna said...

Ahhh, SO glad she's alright!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Kimmie said...

Gorgeous view indeed. So pleased all went well.

Caroline said...

Thanks Donna & Kimmie. Have a great weekend.
Caroline xo

Cassie said...

So glad she is well. I need to catch up on your blog. It's been ages again. (Btw, Emerald is so lovely!)

Caroline said...

Thank you muchly Cassie. So are you!!

Simcha said...

Thank God for that Caroline she is ok xxx


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