Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am missing Soldier Boy

On another note.....my darling 86y.o Granny sent me a little money treat in the mail today.....and the note that accompanied it .....to buy some new underwear for yourself - such a sweetie. Guess she's worried I might be hit by a bus. Aren't families just the most, most precious of things.


Friday, March 12, 2010


We had to take a trip into Brisbane recently.
Oh and I hate peak hour traffic x 1000

Here are a few pic's I took while we were in there.
(or in other words a history lesson for above child)

It was all made slightly bearable for him though with a visit to one of our favourite places
The Pancake Manor.

The Pancake Manor has been running for about 30yrs. I remember my Uncle & Aunty taking me there when I was quite young.

The Pancake Manor is housed in the old St Lukes Cathedral which was built in 1904. You can read about it here.

Have a great weekend everybody
CAROLINE xoxo...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is the Stanley River flowing over the Main Rd. This closes the road, but, luckily the water recedes fairly quickly from this area.

No School or Work these days.

This photo came out kinda eerie as my black 4wd sorta blends in with the flood water. You have to really look to see what is car? & what is water?

This is our walking path I often take the dogs for their walk along. The white rails belong to the little bridge where I sometimes take the dog leashes off and they go for a swim & explore. The water is usually 4-5 metres under the bridge & the dogs run down a little track to get to the waters edge.

Not today though, as you can see the water is up over the bridge and t'was flowing fast towards the other side.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Rainy weekends are good for playing these.....with loved ones, and

snuggling up together, drinking hot chocolates with to many marshmallows on top to be called decent.

What are you doing this weekend??


Friday, March 5, 2010


This is the wall of the Somerset Dam. They open the wall to let the water run through to Wivenhoe Dam that supplies Brisbane with it's water. You can read about it here in my flood post last year.

You can feel the mist of the water as it gets let out, even from quite a distance away where you view the wall you can still feel it. You would think it would be quite noisy to, but surprisingly it's not that loud.

This is a couple of hundred metres down stream. The water's looking like a pane of glass.

It has just not stopped raining here, which is kinda good I suppose as I live in a major catchment area. We have had more "rain days" this year then sunny days now. I had to drive into Brisbane today to get a Ute liner for Casey's new car. It was bliss to be able to see a blue sky & sunshine in the city, but when I started driving north towards home I could see the rain clouds. As soon as I drove to the top of our range the rain started pelting down again. I guess that's what you get living among the ranges.

Sorry the photos look so dark today....just blame it on the weather.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So we headed back to Roma again.....not for anything as fancy as the Roma Cup Races of my previous post.

But this time for Lacey's 21st Party, and a Redneck Party at that. I really think we could have filmed an episode of "My Name is Earl" at this party it had all the right ingredients and then some more. Everybody got into the spirit of things & dressed up....Mmmm maybe not, maybe they just dressed normally LOL!! Gotta wonder.

Check out the "Girls" They look a little different to my last post hey!! where we saw them all dressed in their finest.

Take a look at these boys, only us two mothers could love this pair,
and what would be a good Redneck Party without big chunks of meat cooked on the spit!!

Some really got into the action and turned up on these beauties.
(Oh & Kimmy which way does a bike helmet go on anyway??)

Well of course you need to go Jelly Wrestling if your a Redneck, & Stick horse Barrel Racing
and Apple Bobbing & what about the hilarious game with the toilet rolls (what ever that's called)

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY LACEY......Hope you had a real "Cheap" time LOL!!


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