Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the stash of books I got recently at one of our local second-hand book fairs. Sometimes I go & find great hoards of books, other times I come home with not much at all. This lot of books cost me $50 and there is more than is pictured here as the kids had taken theirs and I also got a few DVDs & a couple of talking books(always good on long road trips)

The Green Cleaner book was a book I had years ago, lent it to someone and usual story-never returned. I was pleased to find another copy of it as it has some handy recipes in it, specially one for liquid detergent that I use to make frequently when the children were young. Also got quite a few Earth Garden & Grass Roots Magazines for my collection which is good as I nearly have a complete set right back to the early 70's. Loads of cook books (Yippee!! one of my fav finds) plus some novels and other groovy finds.

I love buying second hand books and it is such a good way to save!! I can get a boxful of books for the price of maybe only one or two.

Do you buy any books secondhand or do you prefer to buy new out of the bookshop??

Hope you had a lovely weekend


Tania said...

I love collecting books too.

I usually get my books from op shops or garage sales and most times they are really cheap which is even better.

Looks like a great collection you have there.

Have a great week Caroline,


Donna said...

I've got tons of then!
Second hand or new...


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