Friday, July 30, 2010


It's that time of year again!!

About this time of winter I wish for the long hot summer of lazy days spent on the beach. Now don't get me wrong I love winter. Cold days spent rugged up eating to much "soul food" and watching dvd's. Day's where you have an excuse to stop work early just because you have run out of daylight & the best bit of all -being able to dress up in beanies/hats scarves & other scrummy clothes.

But for now, TODAY anyway..... this chic has decided she has had enough of winter the beach is calling me, might have to go this weekend. Not to swim(to cold bbrr!!) but just to sit and watch the waves come crashing in to shore.

Whatever you do this weekend....I hope it's a good one

Caroline xoxoxo


Lisha said...

Funny you should mention for winter to be over. I've had sick boys on and off for the past month, got another one home from school today and it's been very damp for the past few weeks. However it was a rather balmy day here in Sydney today! Temperatures of 24°C making me feel like winter was nearly over!

Happy beach day to you!


Tania said...

Sounds lovely Caroline...

Days have been warming up here, can sense Spring in the air. Lots of birds and butterflies getting around.

Enjoy your time at the beach,


Jan said...

It has been such a warm winter here, no hats or beanies and scarves. They were talking about it at tennis yesterday, and saying we should expect a cold snap soon.

Always lovely to get to a beach, even for a walk.
Hugs, Jan

Anonymous said...

I bet you are amused by all the Southerners who come up to Queensland in the winter and swim in the 'warm' water:-)


Linda said...

Hi Caroline

It is easier to survive here, house not so cold the past few days, which is handy as that is how long I have been laid up with back trouble.

Cassie said...

As it is quite warm here, it is hard to imagine that you are in your wintertime. Cute photo of your little surfer! X-Cassie


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