Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This year I received lots of lovely pressies for my bifday. My bestie even gave me a Pandora Bracelet, so lots of people have been buying me charms. I got thoroughly spoiled and taken out two nights running for dinner. One of my friends got me some Organic Seeds and when she saw the Horseshoe Toilet roll Holder & Toothbrush Holder she just couldn't resist as she knows how much I love decorating my house Western.

Isn't it nice when your friends just know you so well!!

Thank you to you all for giving me such a special day

Love Caroline xoxo


Lisha said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! How lovely to have good friends to spoil you. You deserve it!!

Love the horse shoe bits and pieces, very unique, you wouldn't find many of those around!!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Miz Caroline!!
Love your gifts!


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