Monday, July 12, 2010


There has been a lot of Lego creations happening around here these Winter School Holidays.
The Lego has been on permanent "display" on the rug in our Lounge room for the last 2wks. It's going away today thank goodness, I have now been crippled by a stray piece of Lego at 3 in the morning one to many times. Every tried it?? I am sure most Mothers have, such a pleasurable experience =-(
Caroline xoxoxo.........


Jan said...

Yes, I remember Lego, but just a small box of simple little blocks, yours look rather sophisticated.
Thanks for your comment, and you live in a great area!
Hugs - Jan

Donna said...

This is my grandson's Passion! Leggos....Hahaaa
His B/day is coming up and guess what he wants....

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have a big rubbermaid box of lego down the basement ready for when we get grandchildren. Our kids loved playing with lego, as did me and dh.

Gill in Canada

Linda said...

No one is into lego here atm. I have had a very large collection of Duplo. Yours looks very nice.


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