Thursday, January 7, 2010


These are a few of my Favourite Things..........

AND all for a grand total of $39 (Off ebay) including a brand new Furla bag valued at $130. Just goes to show one must never ever pay full price for anything.

So are you a shoe or a bag person??(or even more wicked both??)



Lisha said...

I'm a bit of both and it's even better when it's a bargain. Ebay is great, I just haven't got myself sorted to sell any of my unused stuff yet, buying is easier.

Happy New Year to you Caroline!!

Joolz said...

When I was a skinny little chicky babe working in a stock agents office, I used to click clack around the office in my high heels and pencil skirts. Then I got married and had kids and the shoes hurt my feet so I gradually started wearing lower shoes until now, I wear mainly flats unless I am going out. I hate buying clothes because I am a wierd shape and nothing fits so therefore I don't really like shoes either.

I'd rather spend my money in a kitchen/homewares/gift shop.

Bag wise, I have owned 2 expensive leather bags in the past 6 years. Nearly time for an upday now. I hate swapping everything from one to another so I stick to just one. I tend to carry the kitchen sink with me! Lol!

Cheers - Joolz

Linda said...

The last time I bought a bag, I had one picked out, and the lady suggested an inexpensive microfibre? one for me. What does that say about me. It turns out I still like it, but didn't like the implication much. I think it cost me $15 at the time.

Linda said...

It was not that kind of material, maybe you know the one I mean.

Cassie said...

LOVE your new shoes! The style is so modernistic! I am a lover of both shoes(boots too,see a few posts ago!) & bags. I have wayyyy too many of both and have actually started giving some of my handbags away. I'm too old to be so in love with those cute Harajuku Lovers purses, but I AM. I've got 7 of the purses and [blush] 8 of the large tote bags! They are just so cute! And each season brings new designs and colors.Oh, now I want to go shopping so I can see what new ones are out! Thanks C!!!

Tracie said...

Now you just need somewhere special to wear them. I don't wear heels anymore, but I do love handbags.

Happy new year to you and thanks for reading my blog.


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Loving that colour!

We are planning to move soon so I shall be uploading half my belongings to ebay. It's a great resource.

Donna said...

WOW! That WAS a good deal!!hughugs

Laura said...

Hi Caroline would you believe that I am neither? I carry a purse to lug around everything that I need and shoes I hate them. Only wear them to protect my feet.

I love that yellow color so bright and pretty.

Cassie said...

Okay Carolyn, Where are you? Are you okay? I hope your lack of blogging is due to being very busy? You take care now. X-C

ps-I featured your Savour Pie on my blog today.


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