Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We have just come back from a few days away. It is School Holidays here at the moment and we were so lucky to have this coincide with Soldier Boy having a few days off.

Wow the chance of that happening in the Army - 1 in a million.

Soldier Boy has been away for a few months so it was wonderful to have him home again. Soldier Boy really did need to come home though, JUST to have some home cooking he has been living on Ration Packs for months and has lost alot of weight. For those of you that do know him, know he has no weight to lose. LOL Only wish his Mum was inflicted with the same thing - All muscle no fat!!

The other kids enjoyed having their Big Bro home & lots of fun was had by all. We went out to a Cattle Station approx - 8hrs from here. No Phones, No Internet, No T.V just each other for company LOVELY!!

MMmmmm no heating though could have done with that one, not a day over 10degrees and strong westerly winds - it was freezing. Luckily as we come from that kinda country we were well prepared. Lots of hot comfort foods and plenty of warm blankets in the swags.


Just to show we couldn't get away from the technology all together I caught the kids at one time in the back seat of the car watching the Car DVD player. Ha Ha!! On another note, it is so nice now to be able to share the driving on long trips with the Soldier Boy.

See you all tomorrow when I post some photos of the kids holidaying on the horses. Hope you all have a nice evening or day to my northern hemisphere readers.

Caroline xoxo


Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Great that you had time away to catch up and have some family time. I am sure you pushed as much food into Soldier Boy as could be allowed. Lol!
From 'Big Fat Greek Wedding' - "Eat, eat - I could snap you like a chicken!"

Cheers - Joolz

Donna said...

SO glad you got the time with SB!!! Wonderful!hughugs

Caroline said...

Thank you Ladies. hugs back to you Donna. Yep Joolz thats me "Eat Eat"

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Brrrr! It has been cold!
Our days are averaging between 5-7 degrees.
Nothing like warm comfort food though.
School holidays are flying!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Hi Caroline! Great to hear from you!! I bet you're so proud of your soldier boy. God bless you and your family.
Sending good thoughts!

Cassie said...

So good to have your oldest son home with you again. Seems the soldiers sure do appreciate mom's home cooking more than when they lived at home. The mini-vacation sounded relaxing.

With Patrick up here at home in the cabin now I have another mouth to feed---I thank God for it!! Keep warm...10 degrees sounds like it might be time to pile the dogs on the bed! hehe. Blessings, Cassie


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