Tuesday, July 14, 2009


School Holidays are over and the kids are back to school now until our spring vacation in September. We have all had such a great time these Winter Holidays with a little bit of everything mixed in. We were very lucky at the start to have Soldier Boy come home for a visit and were all able to get away on a short break.

Emerald has worked hard at her casual job these holidays and has just gone out & bought her first car herself. A big pat on the back from Mum for achieving this all before her 16th Birthday & many tears from Em when she suddenly realized that buying her car was the cheap bit it's all the extras that cost-Rego, Insurance etc. Anyway it's 3 mths before she can get her licence so she will have to be happy sitting in the driveway behind the wheel for a little yet!!LOL. Her Car is a little Toyota Corolla Hatchback, it is a manual which is important to me as I wanted her to learn first up in a manual as opposed to an Automatic. Emerald thinks the most important thing is

A. It's Red

B. It has Mag Wheels

C. It has a 6 Stacker CD Player

Can't blame her for that though I probably would have thought the same at her age.(Funny how our priorities change isn't it)

Lane has had a good report from his Eye Specialist and it seems his eyes have improved remarkable in the last 6mths. So much in fact he should only have to wear glasses for another 3-4yrs. He also no longer has to do the sight therapy exercises he was going to have to do. Now that's a saving of about $1 500 for Mum. Pheew So glad I held off on those now. These holidays we also had the trip to the dentist. Lane got the all clear SURPRISE !! with Emerald having to get just one small filling.

I also celebrated my Birthday. Of course I was spoilt by everybody & got some nice little bits & pieces, some I really really had wanted for a while. Thank you everyone for listening to all my hint dropping even if I thought you weren't listening. HA HA!!

My Birthday has always fallen on the winter school holidays even when I was a young one in my first years of school. Why do I remember that you ask?? Cause I had always wanted to take a cake in for my Birthday to share with my class and never got to. Mmmm I try to not let it disturb me much these days!!LOL.

Have to take some photos today so I can share all my lovelies with you tomorrow.......

OKAY Better be off to make some school lunches.



Joolz said...

Hi Caroline

Oh, wow! Congrats to Emerald. That is a big achievement for a 16 year old! We are into our second week of hols but the girls have been taking it very easy. A few trips to the movies but nothing special. It's my birthday today so I'm off to lunch with a friend then out to lunch tomorrow with my Mum and sisters as its my sister Sue's birthday on Thursday so we split it down the middle.

Have a good day,


Lisha said...

The six stack cd player is important, we finally got a car with one in it...at last! The old cassette player just doesn't kick it anymore. I'm also one for wanting my kids to learn to drive a manual too! We still have about 6 years to go before that happens though. Phew!!

And....a big Happy Birthday Caroline!! Hope you had a fantastic day.


Caroline said...

Thank you ladies. Joolz hope you have a lovely birthday lunch.

Unknown said...

Hi there no I haven't dropped of the planet...how about a coffee in the town starting with D next week????????? I can get away during the day now. name a day and time


Linda said...

Hi Caroline. You have been tagged.

Joolz said...

Hello Caroline

You've been away from blogging so long. Hope everything is okay.


Joolz said...

Sending you get well wishes, hope things are okay.


Jackie said...

Just popping in to say Hi and I hope everything is okay, havent heard from you in a while


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