Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making things with old horseshoes

We have a LOT of old horseshoes lying around so
The Blacksmith & The Soldier Boy got put to work in the shed to make me a new boot pull. So quick & easy for them to make, with virtually nil cost as the shoes are of course being recycled.

Soldier Boy made one to take home to his place then we had a friend visit the next day that took a liking to mine that I had put by the front door so he then took that home to his place & before you know it I am once again without a boot pull.

I think the boys will have to venture down to the shed again to make some more as we now have a couple of orders for them as well.

Meanwhile back at the house little old me has been searching the Internet & found many nice things that I would like made out of old shoes including one VERY large outdoor table.

But alas it's the time it takes dear always the time.....

Have a great day all
Caroline xoxo


Lisha said...

I'm thinking a new side line cottage business for you to start up. They are fantastic!! I'd love to order one too!!


Donna said...

What a cool idea!!
Who thinks of these things??Hahaa

Caroline said...

I'll see what I can do for you Lisha next time the boys are in the shed.


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