Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emeralds 18th @ The Deadwood Saloon Part 1

A couple of week-ends ago we held Emerald's 18th Birthday.
Now because she didn't want the whole big party thing happening like her brother had where we had over 100 people(insert big sigh of relief here from me ;-) we had to decide on something VERY different to do.

Saloon girl Sally Starr (Emerald)
with Banker Bob (Lane)

Then it just so happened I was having a delicious lunch with my new daughter-in-law at our local Bed,Breakfast & Coffee shop when we saw the blackboard up saying they were holding Murder Mystery Nights.
Well my heart did a little flutter & I just knew this is what we would be doing come the second week in October.

Oh my gosh that's ME!-Henrietta High Stakes(hope you all dig my wig)
with just one of my girls-Sally Starr(dd)

It all worked out great as we were told it was perfect with just a small number 25-35 so this fitted in well with Emerald's wishes of just a small gathering.
Included in the murder mystery night was a 2 course meal.(Fantastic for me no work to do catering)
We had a lovely mix of family, close family friends & only the bestest & closest of Emeralds mates, a great bunch with some travelling 950km's just to join us on her special day.

Whose this trio???
None other than- My make believe LOL! husband Harry High Stakes
with a Lady from the east Elizabeth Money(much more dignified than us Saloon girls but I'm still digging the wig)
along with Mitch Maverick.

I was so excited & impressed leading up to the big day that everbody was putting so much effort into dressing up to play their character. All the information was sent to them along with their invite & an informal script straight from the venue. (no fuss or work for me here either)

Playing dress-ups is still so much fun when your older

After wards we all ventured home to have Emeralds Birthday cake with nibbles & a few drinks.

T'was a great night


Kimmie said...

What a fantastic idea for a 18th!
Love, love, love it!
You all look fabulous!

Deb said...

What a fun night it would have been, and so memorable.

Deb said...

what a fun night!

Joolz said...

Oh, Caroline - that sounds so perfect! The pics look like you all have a ripper of a night.

I am just recovering from Brianna's 18th that we held on Saturday night. OMG! I am just too old to host parties like that! I guess she had about 50 school friends over with an Op Shop Bad Taste theme. The little buggers just didn't want to go home and I ended getting to bed at nearly 6am! I am totally wrecked!

Lisha said...

Well Ms Henrietta High Stakes and Sally Starr, you young ladies look mighty fine! That Banker Bob is certainly a fine young gentleman...he's got quite some height on him now!!

What a splendid way to celebrate a birthday. You all look fabulous!!


Donna said...

Looks like you all had Fun!

Dee said...

Awesome idea. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Kimmie & Debbie it was such a fun night.
Joolz, I know the feeling the kids came back here & were ready to party some more.
Happy 18th to Brianna hope she had a fun night.I guess your finished for 18th's now though, I have one more to go.

Caroline said...

Lisha, he sure is getting taller but I guess your seeing the same thing with YOUR big boy.

Thanks Donna always love getting your cyber hugs!!

Dee, thanks for dropping by I love getting new commenters.

Tania said...

This looks like a fun filled event, and a wonderful birthday idea.

Love the outfits you all look great...

dee said...

:) seems fun! omg i would laugh so much is my parents dressed like that even for five minutes

Hill upon Hill said...

You all look amazing! I love the she was surprised.


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