Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Because.......

your a good friend to me

& yesterday you told me I don't blog enough these days.....

SO....I decided to do this post "JUST" for you

IS this a SON of yours??

Sorry I dress him this way when he come to our place to visit BUT I did do a good job on his head dress didn't I (Stolen from the pink house garden no less) with much procrastination on whether the red berries were poisonous AND if our sons would decide to eat them if they had one to many drinks. Mmmm they become most child like again don't they??

Lotsa love from our house to yours
Caroline xoxo

Looking forward to seeing this ultra handsome young man again this week-end Ha!Ha!


Donna said...

Hahahaa.....he IS adorable! Love the poses!
Safe night Girl...

Simcha said...

Very cute! I can comment now since the blogger ban has lifted, good to see you bogging

Donna said...

Hey Girl! I Found it!

Hope it helps!!!

Joolz said...

... and you dress your son this way because....?


Caroline said...

Donna Thanks very much for finding that for me-very informative.

Simcha, What's with this blogger ban? Why? Send me an email...The photos you sent me were gorgeous.

Joolz-Ha ha just for fun....and well, the young ones had a Toga Party.

Linda said...

Cool post Caroline.


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