Friday, September 26, 2008

The Banana Splits and other Classics

Sometimes when the kids are watching T.V, I talk to them about "The good old shows", the ones that I used to watch, and how much these programs have changed since I was a kid. Lane usually has a comment about was T.V invented when I was little.Yes Lane it was, my little clown. Boy did we have some good shows. Shows I love to share with you and your brother and sister - Casey loves Mash, Emerald loves bewitched & Lane loves The Lone Ranger, we all love sitting down together and watching I dream of genie & Gilligan's Island. Oh I could go on and on the trouble is they seem to only be shown on Pay T.V

We really do have to monitor closely what they watch now. Yeah I know there was violence in the early super heroes and what about Cowboys & Indians but the good guys always came out on top without it being so graphically violent. We aren't able to change what they show on television but as adults we can decide what our children watch.

Tell me what were your favourite shows???????????????

What are your children watching these School hols???????????

Who remembers watching this on a Saturday morning what a classic!!!

The Banana Splits were so cool!

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Linda said...

You are the first person I have found to share my love of the Banana Splits. I found them on Pay TV a few months ago, they weren't that impressed, the kids.

Mum bought a Bewitched DVD, that went down better.

I got my son hooked on The Young Ones only a few days ago.


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