Monday, February 4, 2013

Australian Time....Afghanistan Time

Afghanistan Time/Australian Time

This year I am relieved to say I can go back to just having ONE clock on my wall, 
instead of the two.

 and that SB is not in this place any more,

but in this place.

Caroline ......

PS- I would be lying to say (if I said)  I haven't found the landscape photos of Afghanistan  very beautiful in there own way.
 SB rolled his eyes when I said that....
I would like to share some more of them with you if I can : ) 


carole johnston said...

Goodmorning Caroline,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your comment on my blog,i needed a place to start recording what we are doing and I have not been able to put pics up in the past but with a new PC hopefully now I will be back in business.I had a huge smile on my fave when I read about your son getting a beanie obviously meant for a female soldier,sometimes it is just an initial i get with the name and the person supplying them has them in male and female sections.How blessed are we that your young man is home safe,I am just in the process of finishing boxes for South Sudan and a list of 10 for Afghanistan already awaits.Thank you so much for your input and I did get a letter of thanks from your young man as well,I print these off and give them to the wonderful ladies that make things for me.Blessings from my home to yours...I have loved having a read of your blog.

Donna said...

Bless your Heart...I Know you are SO happy to have him home!!

christian soldier said...

So Glad He Is Home!!!

Tania said...

No wonder we have an Army camp here, our country looks just like Afghanistan! I would definitely prefer the other beach picture :)

It is so pleasing to hear that your soldier boy is back home, safe with his family.


Gill - That British Woman said...

glad he is home safe and sound. I agree some of the photos you see from Afghanistan are very pretty, then you remember what is happening over there.....



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