Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's a hen's night

in more ways than one atm....

Tonight I have been invited to a friends Hen's night at one of the hottest little places on the Sunshine Coast-Hot Pipis at Mooloolaba which I'm so looking forward to.

The trouble is I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to if I should go or not. The thing is it's a bit of a drive over there-say around 50mins - to far for public transport, so if I go I can't have a drink as I have to drive, darling partner honey that he is says he will drive me there & he'll sit in the car doing crosswords as he wants me to go. I can't expect him to do this even though he is quite willing too. The bottom line is he would be willing to do anything for me it's just not right for me to agree to it.
Besides I know it will be a LONGGGG! night.

Anyway I'll think about that one.
Before then I am going with my Dil today for a blood test & scan as she hasn't been well. She has had to have blood transfusions & lots of other yucky things happening.
I so wish my Soldier Boy son was here for her at this time but he can't be & that's that.

Very excited though that it's only 6wks to go till I meet my first beautiful grandbaby.

So coming to the other hen problem last night a fox? Town dog? got in & took one of my best hens & her 8 six wk old baby chicks. I am disappointed as she was such a good mummy & the last couple of years has hatched me out about 20-25chicks a year. Which with the sale of them always helps towards paying for chook grain. The poor thing.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you do
Caroline xo


Simcha said...

Thats a tough one, go out and party while someone is waiting in the car for you hmmmm you need to stay over if at all possible. Sorry to hear about your chook. Will be praying for your dilaw and grandchild. Enjoy the weekend!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree, stay over if you can.

Such a shame about your chicken and chicks that really sucks....

Gill in Canada

Donna said...

Awwww....I hate to hear about the hen and chick!
Praying for DIL!! As to going to the hoopla thingy, trust your gut girl!


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