Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Neglectful Blogger, Sydney & a Grandbaby

Haven't I been a neglectful blogger of late. Thank you to the people that still follow, check in & send me an email to see I haven't dropped off the earth -I haven't lol!

but wow! where do I start...

First & foremost next year my first Grand-baby will be born. (I posted about my son's wedding back in July)
As you know my son is a soldier & therefore will not be here for most of the pregnancy nor the birth. Which is so sad & very hard on both of them, fortunately though DIL has been through it all before (DIL has a child to a previous relationship) & hopefully this will make it a little less stressful & scary for her. You can only wish, hope & pray for the very best as unfortunately we have been told that nobody will be holding the baby after it's born, and our friends have now said they will just wait till my son gets back to see the baby & Dil.

However my Granny-who will be the babes GREAT GREAT GRANNY is pretty upset cause as she says herself at 88 "I'm on borrowed time" Anyways I am sure it will all work out & they will both be the best of parents.

How big the contrast is to my friend that is due around the same time & has asked several of us to help her so she can at least have some time with her other kids and an undisturbed toilet or shower(I think we all remember what that's like)

We have had these little control issues come up in the past and we are hoping with maturity & a feeling of security for her & her daughter they will disperse. They really put a dampener on things. We have also been told we are to come & leave at a certain time on Christmas Day. To us this is not what Christmas Day is all about so we will probably stay at home where friends/family can come & go as & when they please -it's really not the day to rush! While we are all sympathetic to these issues our family has decided it is still best to stick to our principles & the interests of all family & not to the wishes of one.

A few weeks ago I went to Sydney to Equitana. (a national horse event) I took a friend that had never visited Sydney before so after Equitana we had a lovely few days doing the tourist thing.
Lane has now finished school for the year. (only two more years to go) & is getting some work with a Baker, we all have our fingers crossed that in time it may lead to an
apprenticeship as he would love to be a pastry chef. The school has given me a contact to an organisation that negotiates with employers about employing kids with disabilities so hopefully that will work in our favour as well.

Yesterday I spent the whole day 5am to 6.30pm at The Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane. My neighbours baby had an operation and she had no one to go with her to support her. How terrible it would be to have to sit there by yourself for hours while your little baby was in theatre, anyway the operation went well & I hope I was of a little assistance in taking her mind off things. Yesterday I felt so thankful for my children & was reminded of how impossibly hard it was after their father died doing it all myself. I am forever thankful for good friends & hope I am somehow returning the favour done for me.

Emerald started a new job and now within 3 wks she has been made a supervisor. This has given her a lovely self esteem boost as she wasn't being treated very well in her last job & ended up being hurt as they didn't provide the necessary protective equipment for her to use. The new boss seems to be so much more understanding of her Uni hours & that it must always be her first priority. Emerald has now finished the first year of her nursing degree and is very excited about becoming a second year student.

Anyway I must be off only 25dys till Christmas and this is the most disorganised I have been in as long as I can remember.

Take Care
Caroline xoxo


Tania said...

Congratulations on your grandbaby Caroline, hope all goes well for a safe delivery and that is is not too long before your son gets home so you can have a hold...

You sound like such a good, caring friend to have in time of need.

Life really does get in the way of blogging sometimes, but we are still here when you post...

I am not ready for Christmas either, haven't prepared or bought a thing!

Take care,


Donna said...

Oh Caroline! I'm sorry, but that's Awful! Can't hold the Baby???? That's just Wrong! Sorry...I talk too much...Bless you're hearts.

What an Angel you are! A Wonderful friend, indeed.

And I'm trying to I can enjoy the time left.
Sweet day to you!

Deb said...

Congratulations on the Grandbaby coming in the new year and it will all work out with thw DiL.
We all haver
times when life just gets in the way of blogging:0)

Kimmie said...

Sounds like your DIL is going to make her life and all those around her more difficult than need be. Wonder why she feels she needs to control. My advice is this is her issue/insecurity not yours and to gently and quietly love on her lots regardless. Hopefully she will come round.

Love Kimmie

Lisha said...

Congratulations...a grandma (nearly) very exciting!! I like what Kimmie said, just keep loving your DIL so no more barriers are built up and you'll be free to love your grandchild too (hopefully). Stress and anxiety do crazy things to us all, and it's especially hard as you know to bring up/raise children without dad around.

You've got quite the Santa dude on your header photo :+)

Am always happy to catch up on your blog when ever you post.


PS You did send me an email today didn't you??

Caroline said...

Hi Lisha yep I did send you an email yesterday.
We all like Kimmie's idea to. We have actually been doing it this way for a while now. Pretty flowers take a while to bloom!!

At the same time being careful not to feed negative issues. They don't read my blog anymore their all into facebook, blogger is for old people!!


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