Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soldier Boy Marry's- Part 1

Soldier Boy married his sweetheart of 2 years in July
@ The Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters.

Everything about the day was simply beautiful.

Soldier Boy's Sweetheart brings her own little sweetie to our family
as she already has a little 4y.o

Soldier Boy hugging me....
(he still calls me "Mumma" *tears*)
No caption needed
the joy on his face says it all!!

Waiting for his Bride.

One of their friends did the cake
& what an awesome job she did,
complete with the groom on the cake topper
wearing a hat -Just like my boys

Wow...what beautiful vows.

Soldier Boy said vows to the little "Poppin" as well.

He also lit a candle during the ceremony in memory of his
Dadda who died when he was eight.

Sorry to those who new & had to wait so long, I wanted to respect their privacy & get permission before posting this & since the wedding Soldier Boy has been away busy with his job.

More to come
Caroline xoxo

PS- I just wish I had the professional photographer's photos on disc!


Joolz said...

It all looks lovely, Caroline! Gee, how did he snag a girl being so busy as a Soldier Boy, in just 2 years! They look so much in love and very happy! More pics please ( I'm a sucker for wedding photos - even complete strangers!). I am lovong "Four Weddings" which is on TV as the moment...


Caroline said...

Thanks Joolz,
Of course there will be more piccies. I was just wondering how many days I could get away with posting them on my blog LOL!

Well even though they have been together two years of course the soldiers wife has had to spend much time alone when the Soldier boy has been away on deployments & training.

Lisha said...

Congratulations Soldier Boy and Wife and to the mother of the groom too!! How exciting and wonderful!! I love a good love story too! Especially with a little "Poppin" involved.

The wedding looks beautiful and the cake magnificent.

Much happiness to the new family.


Donna said...

Oh, I know you all are thrilled! She's Lovely! Son is SO handsome!

Caroline said...

Thanks, Donna & Lisha for your lovely wishes.

Jackie said...

What a lovely post Caroline,Im so happy for you all.
I never use blogger to blog (even though Im with blogger) I downloaded a free program called windows live writer and do it all off line and youve seen how many photos I post :) Ive never had any problems doing it this way.


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