Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been a wet old year for us to date, with the promise of a wet Spring & Summer to come. We have had 30ml in the last day with more rain predicted until Friday.

It has been great for the garden. I have not had to water for 4weeks now, which is a big saving. I did use a bit of water today though as we washed the exterior of the house. We use a high pressure water cleaner so we don't use as much as we would otherwise but I still try to be concious of it. We usually wash it down every spring, today though I also had to clean down the driveway & front path as with all the rain we have had it has become slippery & dangerous with the green stuff!!

Also had a call from the Soldier Boy which was lovely & Emerald cooked a delicious meal of Meat Balls 'n' Sauce with Pasta. She even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, BONUS!!

Em was over the moon today as her new cowboy boots arrived from the States. We only ordered them 10days ago, so someones been doing their job well. I don't know what the Australian Air Express man thought though when he pulled into the drive, Emerald dived out the front door screaming "There here" before he even got out of his van.

No doubt we will be doing lots more photos with the new boots. I still have some more Cowboy pics from the other day when we were mucking around taking photos so I will post them soon. The Soldier Boy has asked to see them, so if I put them on here it's a job easy & done.

Caroline xoxo...

PS-Not long now Soldier Boy. Love Ya!!

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Tania said...

The rain has been lovely this year, I haven't had to water the garden yet either.

It starts to warm up, then comes in cold again, the fire is still burning at night.

I look forward to 25 warm degrees tomorrow.

Not long to wait now Caroline.



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