Saturday, June 26, 2010


I picked this basket of citrus off our trees recently.

There are Lemonade fruit, Oranges & Mandarin's for the picking at our home at the moment. I find growing some of our own fruit saves quite a bit as some of my kids are real fruit bats. I also make freshly squeezed orange/mandarin juice & freeze some. While I know the skins are blemished & they don't look as "Perfect" as the shop bought ones, I also know they have not been sprayed constantly with all the nasty chemicals (citrus are sprayed alot) All we use here in our home is horse & chicken poo, a certified organic fish/kelp spray (which incidentally is produced only 20Min's from here -YEH!! for local) and occasionally some Epsom salts in warm water when the trees are looking a little magnesium deficient, due to our soil Arghh!!

(Oh and many thanks to blogger who refused to load the photo the right way)

I saw this idea of making little teacups & saucers on someones blog recently. I am sorry that I can't give that blogger credit as I can't remember where I saw it, but please leave me a comment telling everyone where I did see it. Must be old age it's Birthday time for me again.

They are the sweetest, easiest things for the kids to make and as it's school holidays in our neck of the woods, a great activity for the holidays. No cooking all you need is some Tick Tok biscuits, a packet of marshmallows, a tube of pink musk lifesavers, some sprinkles and some icing to stick it all together.

Have a great week
Caroline xoxoxo


Jan said...

Hello Caroline, yes homegrown is best, though last year the parrots stripped our mandarin tree.
Love the little cakes, it is great to have some standbys the children can make without baking.

Donna said...

Love those teacups! Cute idea...your Birthday? When?
Have a Wonderful day sweetie!

Joolz said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline! I made those cupcakes back in June 2009 and I got the idea from Kylie at A Bite of Country Cupcakes. They are so cute! Have a great day,

Cheers - Joolz

Caroline said...

Thanks Joolz I knew someone would come forward and remind my aging mind!!LOL
You have a great day to. Is it still freezing at your place??

Anonymous said...

I recently seen this fantastic easy idea published in one of the big magazines. Women's weekly or
New Idea. Could we say they perhaps borrowed it from someone else too. I am going to make these for our school canteen.


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