Sunday, October 25, 2009


this morning i saw......
1 Kookaburra having a Cricket for breakfast

A family of Magpies

Rainbow Lorikeets also having breakfast And telling each other how good it was. (They were VERY vocal)

Lots of Noisy Miners (Mickey Birds)

Willy Wagtail sung a beautiful song

A Storm bird who also makes a beautiful sound. Am quite surprised he has chose to live here of late, I think he likes the mulberries.

Lastly one of my favourite visitors a Blue Crane.

Sorry no photos of the birds they were all to quick for me hurrying around the garden doing their morning rituals, but here is some photos of our resident Bearded Dragon, isn't he/she(does anyone know how to tell the diff) awesome.

He is so quiet -as you can see from the close-up photo. Still gives me the fright of my life sometimes when I don't see him & nearly step on him only to have him scurry off at the last moment. We once had a few Bearded Dragons around the garden but at the moment there only seems to be the one. I do hope the others come back. We have so much development around our town at the moment the wildlife seems to be diminishing. It's not the sleepy country town it once was.

I am trying more then ever to create a safe refuge now days and the appearance of the Blue Crane & the Storm bird, 2 birds I have never seen in my garden before have heightened that.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday



Joolz said...

Must say I'd freak out if that dragon was in my yard but have seen the odd blue-tongue and skinks here. I can hear a kookaburra some mornings but I've never seen it in our gum trees. There are some pretty grass parrots - brilliant bright greens, blues and reds - so pretty. Lots of magpies and their young ones, just learning to fly and willy-wagtails too. Stupid plovers are nesting too. Do you become more aware of birds and animals as you progess in years? I certainly appreciate them more.

Cheers - Joolz

Rosemary said...

I found your blog from my visit to The Narrow Path and wanted to see the lizard. We have nothing so exciting in our yard, but we do enjoy whatever wildlife we see. We're entering winter now, so it's mostly birds and the occasional stray cat. Love your blog, and your pictures!


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