Monday, April 6, 2009


Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.
Luke 23:34

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his death. It is the most significant event of the christian calender.

On Good Friday, Jesus was executed by crucifixion. His body was taken down from the cross and buried in a cave. The tomb was guarded and an enormous stone was put over the entrance, so no one could steal the body.

On the following Sunday, some women visited the grave and found that the stone had been moved and the tomb was empty. Jesus was seen that day and for days afterwards by lots of people. His followers realised that God had raised Jesus from the dead.

Easter celebrates the promise of life in the face of death. At Easter we must also celebrate peace & forgiveness.

Now is also a good time for us to think about suffering, injustice & hardship. A very good thing for us to reflect on in the current times. These things are good for us all to reflect on whether we are a christian or not it is what the world is calling us to do at this very time.

Have a great day

Caroline xoxo


Linda said...

Great post Caroline.

I like this: "Easter celebrates the promise of life in the face of death."

Cassie said...

Thank you for this. The pastor at our Calvary Chapel always calls Easter: Resurrection Day, since it more describes it. Eternal life where there will be no more tears shed and no unhappiness, just the joy of being in HIS presense...ahhhh what a delightful hope & promise!


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