Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

January Egg Count

112 Eggs from 13 Hens

21 Eggs from 2 Ducks-
Which I think could be higher if they didn't spend their whole lives being Clucky Ducky's.

Do you have chooks?
Do you keep a monthly egg count?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Australian Time....Afghanistan Time

Afghanistan Time/Australian Time

This year I am relieved to say I can go back to just having ONE clock on my wall, 
instead of the two.

 and that SB is not in this place any more,

but in this place.

Caroline ......

PS- I would be lying to say (if I said)  I haven't found the landscape photos of Afghanistan  very beautiful in there own way.
 SB rolled his eyes when I said that....
I would like to share some more of them with you if I can : ) 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Message to Someone....

Have a great weekend
Caroline xo

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's a Sunshiney Day

Gentle Breeze & Sunshine

A lovely day to get everything out on the line for a good airing. 
After the floods of the past week the house has that damp smell. 

Fantastic weather today, threw open the windows & doors like a women possessed and invited the wind to whirl through & through.

Caroline :) 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Bunting

One for my beautiful baby grand daughter Emmalyn
Celebrating all things Vintage/Natural ........... Pink Vintage Nursery Toile with a Calico backing & bias binding

And for no other reason than my teenager expressing his inner child....and that bunting is FUN! for anyone.......Navy blue with tiny red stars, Red backing & bias binding.

Who can I make bunting for next??

Caroline xo

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Soldier Boy

Your faith warms this Mumma's heart

Afghanistan 2012

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favourite blog post for January

Thought I would do a little something different for 2013 & that is to mention my favourite blog & or post each month.

So without any further droning on from me,this is my without a doubt favourite blog post for the month of January. Check it out I am sure you will love Paige, her wonderful husband Dan & her four gorgeous gals as much as I do. Oh by the way she's an awesome photographer to!!


You can view her blog & watch my fav. post(video) here
Don't forget to leave her a comment & tell her I "SENT" you. 

Run don't walk my faithful Simple Things followers.

Her open straight from the heart video really spoke to me maybe because that's where my little ole mind is at this time or just that's she's a genuinely likeable soul. Oh and did I mention she's an awesome photographer :)

What is your favourite blog & or post this month?
Tell me cause it's kinda nice to share!

Caroline xo

Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Changes

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about a few changes we would
(or was already) making in our home. I wrote about it here & where I mention my furniture shopping here

A while ago somebody dear to me gave me some money, not a lot mind you but a little that I have been able to add to if I've had left over housekeeping money,it is so true that every little bit adds up. 

So a few weeks back when the January post Christmas sales were on I was able to buy a few new pieces of furniture that were very much needed. Outstanding sales this year, all the pieces were under half price.

(With all the furniture out of the room it was easy to give it a good clean, lots of (nasty) surprises lurking under the old furniture) 

We needed a new lounge as we had always had a Sofa bed in this room but it had seen better days -please read getting icky! & like most sofa beds had never been the most comfortable of things to sit on but oh so practical when you have 3 kids & always having the mandatory sleepovers, kids laying around watching movies etc.

With only one child left at home things are a bit quieter to say the least, than the days of three teenagers. So this time around we decided to get something a little nicer -isn't that what you do when your kids grow up??

We managed to get an Italian Leather double recliner & a Lounge at an awesome price. I can highly recommend waiting till the sales we literally saved thousands, & remember don't forget to bargain even more if you are interested in buying several pieces at the same time like we did :)

With a little left over from our outstanding bargaining skills Lol! we were then able to buy a small new 5pce timber dining room suite. This will replace our big one & will allow more room as there are only three of us most times for meals now. We got this for a crazy $300, reduced from nearly $1000. I had to ask the sales person if the price tag was correct(it was)

I won't be getting rid of my big dining room suite though as I hate to think what it would cost me to replace now, it was nearly $3000 many years ago. When we finish redoing downstairs we shall set it up there & will use it when we have people over. 
One of the happiest bits for me was the new one is exactly the same style only smaller, so all the chairs etc. match.

Teenage boy liked removing all the furniture, kinda
 ties in with the destructive nature most teenager boys
 acquire for a few years ;)

I would like to get rid of the feature wall in the first photo, and also remove the wallpaper border then paint a very light colour through out, it will lighten the interior and add a nice contrast to all our furniture that is dark & rustic.

The trouble with our house is that one room flows to the next so that you've got to repaint the whole interior at once not just one room at a time. I don't think that will be happening any-time soon but something to add to the To Do/cum Wish List

Ditto, with removing the two blinds. I've been so disappointed in these blinds & the quality of them right since new & they weren't cheap. I made a mistake by purchasing them hastily when my curtains that were hanging were showing wear after I had them cleaned. I still haven't removed the old curtain rods (another thing for the list)
I would like to replace them with either White Timber Shudders or White Timber Slat Blinds. I think I will put a little more thought into it this time.

For the moment I will be giving this room a good going over -Cleaning, de-cluttering, sorting etc. 
Should keep me busy for awhile. 

Have you been doing anything around your home??
Tell me.... I want to know, I may steal your ideas! HA Ha!

Have a great weekend & a great Australia Day(to my Aussie bloggers)
Caroline xo


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